Restoration of Dwelling Rights

Facilitation of Restoration of Dwelling Rights: During the year 2006, Forest and TWD officials tried to relocate Chenchus of Palutla, Allipalem, Daddanala, Billagondipenta, Guttala Chenu, Ponnala Bailu, Allatam and Nekkanti of Prakasham district to a plain area near Venkatadripalem. A colony to accommodate Chenchus from the above habitations was planned and inaugurated by Sri K.P. Konda Reddy MLA Markapur. Similarly Appapur and adjoining Chenchu habitations of Mahabubnagar district were proposed to be shifted to a place near Maheshwaram. Due to lobbying of BDS in collaboration with Human Rights Forum and the print media, the idea of relocation of Chenchus is given up and the Chenchu families who have been relocated to the plain areas have gone back to their original habitations in Prakasham district. These families have been given land rights under the Forest  Rights Act 2006.


Displaced Chenchu families in make shift houses at Gandhi Nagar in Prakasham dist 


Legendry Dr .K. Bala Gopal, Secretary Human Rights Forum enquiring about the problems from the displaced Chenchus of Mahabub Nagar district


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