Power Tariff Advocacy

Advocacy for a reasonable tariff to all categories of power consumers in AP: Independent Power Producers (IPPs) took advantage of the power policy and hiked the capital costs to runaway with high returns on investment.  Neither the Govt. nor the Electricity Regulatory Commission which is constituted as  part of the reforms checked the actual capital expenditure instead allowed the capital hike as it is furnished by the IPPs. 

To cleanse the system, elected representatives were sensitized and facilitated to raise pertinent issues in the A.P. Legislative Assembly and also before the Electricity Regulatory Commission. The Elected representatives raised the issue in the Legislative Assembly on several occasions and forced the state Govt. to check the capital expenditure of the Independent Power Producers (IPPs). 

To attract the attention of the public and pressurize the Govt. BDS organized a public hearing in Hyderabad on behalf of TNRMG and PMGER.  All the reps. of the political parties( except ruling party) NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, farmers, Advocates, Clergy and Women Activists who have participated in the public hearing thoroughly exposed and vehemently criticized the Electricity Regulatory Commission of its inactivity in regulating the power sector in the interest of the generators, transmitters and consumers. As a result of this the commission has issued notices to independent power producers to reduce their capital cost.   The idea floated through this public hearing i.e free power to family’s below poverty line was included in the Congress party manifesto.  AP Govt asked to review power agreements. Business line.   C .R Sukumar HYDERABAD, March 16- 2003

BDS& CARPED organised a one day seminar in the month of November 2014, to sort out problems related to the generation of power stations between Telangana &Andhra Pradesh.



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