Construction and Repair of Houses

As a result of poor construction, water is leaking into the houses during the rainy days. Cracks & bends have developed in the ceilings of some of the houses. The issue is brought to the notice of higher authorities and elaborate arrangements have been made to get the houses repaired through Mahila Samakyas (MS).

Money is released to MS for carrying out repairs to the houses in a few habitations. Local Chenchu politician in connivance with the ITDA Official has withdrawn7.5 lakhs by forging the signatures of the MS Office bearers. BDS has appraised the situation to the Chenchu leaders of Ayyanna kunta and facilitated to lodge a complaint with the PO ITDA. Enquiry into the   issue revealed that a local politician, who is not connected to the repairs of the houses has withdrawn the money from the bank.

The issue is widely discussed among the Chenchus in the habitations of Dornala Mandal and efforts have been initiated to pacify the prospective beneficiaries by all Chenchu leaders who were involved in this kind of issues right from the initial days of the ITDA. Money is also returned to a few beneficiaries. The Chenchu Politician has succumbed to the pressure of the prospective beneficiaries and initiated efforts to return the money by selling the house & lands acquired from the money pocketed from the ITDA schemes. The Chenchu politician & ITDA Employee are also arrested, sent to judicial custody and released on bail. 

   A Chenchu family living in a dilapidated house.


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